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Katelios is a small but cute village that is situated on the South-eastern part of Kefalonia. It consists of a small harbor, a beach with several restaurants by the sea, gift shops, mini markets, and car rental.

Katelios is a true-laid back solution for holidays, offering sandy beaches, a breath-taking view of the Ionian Sea and surrounded by a green environment.

Also, Katelios is located at a key-place concerning Kefalonia and more precise, the SouthEast part of the island.

And this, due to the fact that it's distance from the port of Poros is more or less 10 km, from Skala with it's impressive coast line and beach is 7 km, from Ratzakli with the sandy beach and the shallow sea is 3,5 km.

Katelios is 30 km far from the other main port of the island, Sami, which is located at the NorthEast part of Kefalonia and 35km from the capital-town, Argostoli.

Introduction of Katelios